Monday, December 6, 2010

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well so much for the consistency in updates, but hey, that's life!

below are some shots from the annual "chopped" festival just outside of castlemaine. for anyone interested in hot rods and the culture behind it, this is a must, can not wait for next year

these rolls were breaking the leica cherry. R-F LEICA FOR LIFE!

all shot on tri-x400 pushed to 800

(the work station)

(oi Dom, smile)

i personally have a pet hate for websites who just re blog countless content from other websites, however, these three bmx edits are outstanding, and all three represent bmx the way i see it.

Pete Sawyer from CSG UK on Vimeo.

(one of the best high def videos i have seen)

Teamwork - Tom Boorman & Dave Cragg from John Young on Vimeo.

(i love everything john young producers/films. however, this edit shows how a fun bowl fang can go horribly wrong, tom b, you are boss!)

Substance Vol.3 : Iceland from Channel 4Down on Vimeo.

(Iceland trip? bloody fantastic)

below are shots from a project i was working on for dishonour clothing. James Wade, owner/creator, has just finished building his new website, and he needed updated images for the team pages. good friend Tenna and i cruised the streets for a week or so. meeting up, grabbing a coffee then just rolling around. i don't really ride much anymore, but the love and lust is just as strong as when i was 16. rolling the streets with Matt was what bmx is to me. you don't need 30stair bar spins, or double back flips to have fun. after all, we ride kids bikes right?

check out dishonour clothing here:

(could not decide, colour or B&W)

(the photo used for one of dishonour's shirts)

(the old saying of a photo tells a thousands words has never been so true, this photo will always hold a special soon as i snapped this photo, a close friend of mine rang with news no one wanted to hear. R.I.P ALLAN BRIOTTI - Never Forgotten)

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