Wednesday, December 15, 2010

ABOVE-Anthem 2 premier.....bmx in all its glory, its free, come support something great, view an amazing movie, and have good times

BELOW-A few months back a small group of us ventured off for a Sunday day trip to the annual "chopped festival" just outside of castlemane. for anyone into customs, bikes, hot rods, or rockabilly, this event is a MUST. it is done right with zero bullshit. the other unique thing about this event is the rules..which creates a weekend that is as close to what is used to be like in the pre 1965 custom culture


  • Pre 1965 traditional style rods and customs only
  • No billet wheels or accessories
  • No I.F.S on fenderless cards
  • Customs must be lowered and have a wheel alteration
  • 1960s and earlier mag wheels only
  • Race cars welcome
  • NO VWs
  • Volksrods and era correct VW drag cars are welcome
  • Traditional style American and British choppers and bobbers welcome
  • Cars wishing to drag must meet above criteria also

(Front ticketing booth)

(one of my picks for the weekend..)

(gold tooth, so good)

(first time viewing this gem.... done perfectly...)


  1. loved the chopped weekend concept. pity so many post 65 cars were allowed into the carpark on that sunday. great photographs by the way. love your work.

  2. thanks for the kind words tony!! i've checked your flickr and digging it alot. you shoot a rangefinder yes? leica?? agree with the post 65 cars in the carpark as its so close to everything else, we took our mates chrysler voyager van space ship down there and parked along side an xp/xm station wagon haha. but, all in all, an awesome weekender! take care bud!

  3. hey man it's Ryan from CHOPPED just wanted to have a chat about possibly publishing a couple of your photos. you can get me on 0400 103 590 or cheers

  4. hey ryan! i'll give you a ring this week mate! were you down at custom nats? fantastic weekender!!