Wednesday, November 24, 2010

(disclosure playing omaillies)

update-trying to get shit rolling again!

check THIS LIFE for a bunch of new interviews and some great tattoo artists

below are photos of disclosure and the ravens(formally sleepwalker). good show, but crowd was lacking....
 for most of the set i had 2 flashes. I'm really beginning to dislike using flash at shows, i guess this depends on venue and lighting at hand. anyway, i slightly changed my post processing for this bunch of photos. all i changed up was the warmth of the photo and cut back on the B&W. i actually really like the look for some reason. shot using 5d+135mmf2L

ABOVE: issue 8 has just been launched. featuring the likes of caseyjones/evergreen terrace-Norma jean-dangers-interview with craigos, plus loads more. its free, so get off face book and check it out.

check out the rest of the shooters who contribute to the mag. dialled jazz

Ben clement-Melbourne

Craig Nye-Sydney-photo editor for NH

(since this post is all music, check out this video....slayer and Christmas? gooooooood combo)


(the ravens)

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