Saturday, November 20, 2010

(bright servo-friday evening. java/hot choc chills)

lack of updates, like usual.but here we go!

bright hot rod run has been and gone for another year. damn fine weekend, even with the pre expectations of a crazy amount of police, it was perfect. alot of people this year, which got me thinking alot of rodders left they're cars at home......ah well. still rocked! more photos soon, once i have sorted them out more.

(good friend, morgan, and his brand new 51 chev)

 in the middle of this year, myself and close bro, tenna, headed to ADL, for goodtimes, riding, booze, and photos. rain put a holt to most of those, but a fantastic time was had nevertheless. i burned a roll of tmax 400@400-i think, might've been 800-and here they are....good friend and photography mentor, craig nye, scanned the roll for me, these are straight from scanner...enjoy.

some random bits after ADL trip

(somewhere in melb)

(brothers, lovers, partners)

(a rare shot of myself, buck, and joshie)

(can not remember the name of this acoustic band, but they won the SS&A Battle of the Sounds. amazing voice-canon 200mmf4)

(owners of cafe cousine)

(winter-bio diesel)

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