Monday, August 2, 2010


about a month ago 50lions-blk out and persist came through albury and thrashed a few song's at pcyc. i cant stand that venue, but a shows a show!

all ambient lighting-iso3200




this has been sitting in my archives since the end of feb of this year. it was my good pals fair well drinks, i always have my gear with me so i decided to try and get something decent. fail. this was taken with my old canon 350d + sigma 10-20mm lens. i HATE that lens. this was also my second weekend back after having salmonella poisoning for 5 weeks....

again with the lateness. photos below are nothing special. tennas birthday dinner, dicks and cocks skateboard vid prem at sanction and some other random bits.

(this was shot @ iso 25,600.....)

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