Wednesday, July 28, 2010


been slack as hell for the past 2 weeks, however i've been flat out processing photos, being crook and going along with GENUINE ERROR as photo guy to record they're demo record at complex studios in melbourne-GOOOOOOOOOD WEEKENDER

(has no relevance to my work, but eastwood is a bloody badass, and i dig this classic photo)

(good friend and part owner of sanction bmx, simon watts, found this little gem....)

(i am bloody late at pushing this, but better late than never-ISSUE 6.5 of NOHEROES-the TDEP issue. please check this out. such a bloody good read and the photos are taken by some of the best guys in aus. well worth the look*****)

below are some random bits and pieces when the weather was alot better...

(one of my close buds-bucky-after tennas 20th dinner-iso800)

(dougy t-stunning young chap-iso100)

(pargy-such a good kid-holga lover-iso100)

(dougy t's bronica sq-a-that is the shit right there john)

(meeting up at sanction-camera nerding-thinking of where to ride etc-the best)

(needs no explanation-trt reppin)

below are a few shots i took at the second live "metal night" and our local pub, omailies

i had a flash set up out the back behind the drummer to brighten up the dark void, and a second flash to the right of stage. through out the night i was shooting with and with out flash, or rotating between the 2 flashes. I HATE RED LIGHT..

(the 13th massacre-last show-ambient lighting)

(master tang-first show this year-flash behind drummer and to the r/h side of the stage)

(i usually hate on my work, but this is one of my favorites of my folio)

(demonic tempest-rotating between flashes and ambient lighting)

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