Tuesday, July 13, 2010


(douglas taylor, and what he calls an "off day". the dude is legit)

random early week post

i had coffee with ben @ THISLIFE over the weekend and he has kindly asked me to be apart of his "creative". couldnt be more stoked. if your into music/art/street art/graff and everything else that is sweet. please check his site out http://thslfe.com/

(just a sample of what THISLIFE brings to the table-heaps of interviews with tattoo artists-jess swaffer from third eye tattoo melbourne)

speaking of doug taylor. if you havent booked marked his blog, DO SO. he has shit on lock! i get motivated everytime i browse his site. he has a perfect blend of most mediums!  http://dougphotograph.blogspot.com/ )

(photo: doug taylor and a bronica sq-a)

( JAMES WADE has released his photobook for june. love this concept- http://www.jamesdwade.com/photobook/)

below are a tone of flyers for up and coming events. check them out and if you can make, please do so!

(andre from the sanction has been working flat out helping with this, if you can make it down, or live in the city, check it out. thing is going to be wild)

(make sure YOU get to this.....if you dont go, and you whinge our town has "shit" skateprks, well go figure)

as promised. heres the rest of my shoot with danni in shepparton. these were shot almost last summer. i call myself a hack photographer, and i'm farrr from a fashion/model photographer.

canon 350d-430ex flash+vivitar 285 flash-2 transparent umbrellas-50mm

(FUEL magazine-STOKED)

(gazza-owner of the cars and property-was an absolute champion)

(danni and nick-perfect couple)

below are some shots i took for sanction bmx to promote they're new range of shirts & hoodies. i pulled my hair out over this shoot and stressed out on the day which you can see in my results. NOT THE BEST. generic and boring, but i still managed to have a laugh with no tomato.

canon 350d-430ex flash+vivitar 285 flash-2 transparent umbrellas-50mmf1.4+10-20f4-5.6 sigma

(this was the last photo i took with my sigma 10-20 and for good reason...)

(last random shot-just for kicks)

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