Tuesday, July 6, 2010



hardcore 2010. first time to experience this event, thats in its 11th year, and i had the oppurtunity to shoot the aa show. STOKED!

i wont go into highlights or anything like that, but check the photo below and i think you'll get the kist of things...

i'll have photos up in the next few weeks...

(I EXIST-4, yes FOUR g-tars....poached from JHAT's blog http://www.jhatphoto.com/ )

(ssue 6 is now up!!!!!!!!!!!! and FREE. so please support this australian online magazine-http://www.noheroesmag.com )

(AS I LAY DYING-photo by craig nye-cambo large format camera-ACE)

below is thr roll of film i took whilst in sydney for the the assistance job.

i bought a 6pack of tmax 400. shot off one roll up there, then developed the film at craig;s house. thanks bro! developed in tmax liquid developer.

editing: took them through the raw converter-adjusted luminance-added vegnetting-photoshop-slight sharpening-adjusted levels on some images, otherwise these are straight scans.

nothing special here. just touristy stuff and having fun shooting film!



(the young, miss BB)

(200mm-damn white van)



(ferry docks)

(that isnt dirt or dust top left-its a sea plane)

(cover of slam photo ed)


(waiting for calamari and chips)

(manly beach)

(THE coke sign-taken from car window)

(bondi death bowl)

(newtown-saturday night)

(rainy old newtown)

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