Wednesday, June 30, 2010


the last post till next week. i flyt to sydney on friday for hardcore 2010. can not wait. big shout to sarah @ heroes.

yesterday a present arrived. issue 4 of fuel magazine australia, which i contributed too a few months back. could not be more happier with the outcome. thanks to luke ray @ fuel magazine. check the website here always great photos.

(danielle-photo shoot in shepp, vic. more on this soon)

battle of the bands friday night. was good to see my friends bands, new and old, shred again
lighting SUCKED. and i didnt want to use flash. so all these are ambient. shot at 3200iso
the taylor brothers were here with their cameras in hand, and all three of us were not syked on shooting. but i'm actually liking these..enjoy

(new band on the border-MINDLESS)

(i didnt move around at all, mainly cause i actually wanted to enjoy and watch my friends whale)

(my test pig iso1000 @ f2.8)

(sleepwalker after show "promo". this is terrible, and i didnt want to post it but what the hell. i wanted a quick, one shot, get it done photo of the band after the show. however. i completely forgot about how good the iso is on my camera. shot at iso1000 which gave me a f stop of 2.8.....bad. focusing is well off, but i plan to do more stuff like this in future)

(outside albury sports stadium after a day show on saturday)

(straight from camera. adjusted the levels slightly, luminance, and slight sharpening)

(my court....iso6400. BOSS)

(saturday chills. morgs)

(I AM ATLAS-supporting 50lions/blk out on saturday)

(50lions/blk out/persist photos up next post)

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