Monday, June 21, 2010


tenna crash bang from dishonour brand on Vimeo.

( follow up to tennas last edit-check last post-burly to say the least-james wade edit)

the weekend that was....

andre regli-part owner of sanction had his 25th bday bash satdy night. one word-wild.......o so wild. while i was getting ready i decided to put a roll of tmax400 in an old point and shoot canon prima that my aunty picked up from an op shot for 5bucks. can not wait for the results...

anyway, i printed and framed 2 photos for our drebo...the stress of picking out your very best for print  went out the door on these. i searched my archive of photos and found 2 photos that ment a hell of alot to both of us. this really did bring home the fact that photography should be, and only be about the happiness of capturing a moment in time thats special to you.

(i worked with dre for about 3months in the middle/end of 2008. those 3 months were some of the best times i've ever had. and was the motivator to take photography a little bit more seriously. i blame dre for making me a poor ass after he convinced me i needed pocket wizards haha-canon 350d-10-20mm sigma-canon430ex flash on sync cord-rochester skatepark-2008)

(this was the first time dre had riden with us in albury, and i think the second time i had ever road with 350d-canon 18-55mm lens winter 2007)


these are the first photos i took using my canon 5dmk2. i bought body only and i'm using my canon 50mm f1.4 lens. let the photo's breathe....

the clarity......oh my bloody god the clarity!!!

i have barely touched these, i wanted to show the difference without any post procesing

most of the shots were shot at ridiculous iso settings and f-stop settings. checking out what this new bad boy is capable of.

what i did: raw convertor-luminance reduction-vignetting. photoshop-converted to b&w-small sharpen-adjust levels slightly on a few images.

i hope you enjoy these as much as i do..

(my very first snap- iso 3200 f1.4)

(converted to B&W as the tones looked to good)

(iso400 f1.4)

(sanction goodness iso400 f5)

(the detail the sensor picks up is ridiculous. iso50 f1.8)

(excellent dude, excellent photographer dougy t iso50 1.8)

(below are shots from a battle of the bands that took place at our local ss&a-beers-chillin-goodtimes iso800 f1.4)

(benjamin iso 1600 f1.8)

(iso 1600 f1.8)

(brah boyzz iso 1600 f1.8)

(iso 1000 f1.4)

(I AM ATLAS-all ambient lighting-couldnt beleive how good it was to shoot with out flashes and without a shitload of noise. iso 1600 f2.8)

(iso 1600 f2.2)

(iso 1600 f2.2)

(iso 1600 f3.2)

(iso 1600 f3.2)

(iso 1600 f3.2)

(converge shirt-boss!-iso 1600 f1.8)

(iso 1600 f1.8)

(iso 1600 f2.2)

(iso 1600 f2.2)

(mr tyson.....the eyes, SHIT YEAH iso800 f2.5)

(daniel purshouse put on an all acoustic show at the sanction. real good turn out. bands sounded ace. good atmosphere-ONLY AT TE SANCTION. iso800 f2.5)

( so stoked!! shoelace tying iso400f1.4)

(kc irony--this was the first time i met local photographer alistar mcburnie-he lent me his canon 17-40mm f4 l series lens-iso 3200 f4)

(my good pal jye, decided to help out on drums-this was his first live performance behind the kit in a number of years iso 3200 f4)

(iso3200 f6.3)

(the distortion of this lens shits all over my old sigma 10-20mm. iso3200 f6.3)

(shot through sanction's front windows iso3200 f6.3)

(iso 3200 f6.3)

(drebo-in prep for our boy tennas bday bash-check next post-iso3200 f6.3)

(iso 3200 f6.3)

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