Wednesday, June 16, 2010


                                      tenna lost footage from dishonour brand on Vimeo.
(brand new off the shelf. james wade from DISHONOUR clothing put this together. clips are pretty old, yet still amazing. very stoked on it boiiiiiii)


but for good reason. huge weekend was had. good friend, tenna, turned a glorious twenteen, local skater tin bum, premiered his skate dvd, 5 yrs in the making. and good dose of riding was thrown in.

i also bought myself a canon 5dmk2. the smile on my face upon opening justified the expense.

i'll be posting the first shots, which i took over the weekend, shortly. EXCELLENT!

(check out for 2 interviews/reviews on DEKILNE. you know these are boss if jason lee has a signature pair)

below are photos from my adventure to sydney to assist on a cover shoot with the mighty TDEP which is for the next .5 issue of no heroes

i also shot of a roll of kodak t-max400 which i developed at photographer, craig nyes, house. i haven,t developed since high school and i am HOOKED!!!

i'll post those shortly...


(cliche, but i have never shot through the window of a plane before, not a dslr anyway)

(paddies markets, cbd. mind blowing)

(on our way to the shoot. 110km, kablamo)

(just to show how close we were)

(lurking in the background...)

(the end result-3 members of periphery from the us-craig nye photo-shot using a hassy xpan-poached from )

(the metro bar..nom nom. expensive)

(mrs no heroes-iso800/1600)

(TDEP-chillin to the right. terrible, but you get the picutre at how intense it was)

(the next day was tourist day. loved it)

(good friend, bb, showed me the sights, can't thank you enough bro)

(alot of these are touristy type photos. i dont care though, its what photography is all about)

(front cover of slam photo ed)

(so cheese, but i had to do it)

(minnnne mine mine minnnnne mine mine mine mine)

(manly beach, i was in heaven)

(misss BB)

(bb can take a photo)

(kings cross. hopefully next time i'll grab a decent shot-this was taken from the car)

(shot out of the front window)

(dont forget the dingas)

(shot through my side window)

(average, shot through my side window)

(pretty happy for a car shot)

(bondi beach-random small trek-nice STRAIGHT horizon line christopher))

(i think i was using iso 800/1600-super noisey)

(my final night-rainy old newtown-give credit to this chap. loving life)

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