Tuesday, May 25, 2010


first live music night @ omailies pub.
fingers crossed that this takes off in a bigway. opening night, 350+ people walked through the doors. SYKED
2 flashes either side of the stage. i wish i had a 3rd for front lighting. but we make do. iamatlas photos didnt really work. people were moshing on the g-tarist pedals it was that packed. goodtimes.

my good friend, and amazing photographer, doug taylor, got a sweet, pissa of an interview on the rad theory forum-check it out here http://theradtheory.squarespace.com/inteviews/

(hassy xpan-oh yes, an XPAN!)

i spent 4 days in sydney chilling, shooting, and general shit talking with the no heroes guys. the best of times were had, and was a sad time to leave. however, craig nye has his blog back up and running. shit is off the hook kid. suss it out here http://hasselrad.wordpress.com/

finally she has settled on a decent blog haha-check out jessica howards new blog here http://photographsandfootprints.wordpress.com/ i love trying to make people syked on shooting again.

below-myself being a test pig in sydney over the weekend. a night to remember for sure
(craig nye photo-lumix with a pocket wizard-nerd funny)

(saints and sailors-recording their ep this weekend)

(genuine error with new g-tarist)

(iamatlas-can play the drums)

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