Monday, May 17, 2010


(brother and sister-spotted the tattoo and waited for a hand movement-content)

                             Defero Online - Issue Two. from on Vimeo.
(defero issue2-so good)

(more redbull dirtpipe footage-donges-holy shit man)

photos below are just random good times i've had the past 3 weeks.

kodak 400cn-then convertered to black and white, to illiminate the colour cast. first photo i didnt touch..

my good pal, jacob raupach has uploaded some new work to his flickr - - scroll through the pages and check the rest. some really good stuff, and a perfect mix of mediums.

o'mailies live metal night photos up before i go to sydney thursday-ow shiiiiit

(tenna roast)

(cafe on dean st)

(d cables photo)


(strip pool)

(double j's)

(love her)

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  1. I want the shot of ben and simon at the park framed.

    Simons beard is off the dick!