Wednesday, May 12, 2010


(jai toohey-roastin)

i have been waiting for this weekend since 2008. i had just came back from canada. randomly got woken up by the lovely drebo saying guess where we're going? well i had just woken up hungover in sydney...

I also shot off 2 rolls of kodak 400cn black and white film-pretty happy with the results-photos miiiight be up soon.

i wont rave on about how amazing it was and what went down. let the photos, videos and links tell the story.

to all the guys that got broke. get well soon! and a huge props to local, lee rouso!

check out for more photos

completely off redbull  for a minute-please check out doug taylors latest efforts-he bit the bullet bought a bronny....

Red Bull Dirtpipe 2 Highlights from rhys newling on Vimeo.

(just a taste of what went down. rhys, lay off the redbull mannn)

(check for a massive photobook on the event)

(paul langlands from new zealand)

(ryan loyd-can t-down)

(will gunn?)

(welcome to helltrack)

(owners blue heeler-chiller)

(danny campbell-terrible photo, but this was huge)

(brendan jones)

(brendan jones-last hip r/h side)

(corey bohan-the big booter l/h side)

(paul langlands-big booter)

(brendan jones-his front wheel collapsed upon landing)

(jai toohey-ridiculousy large table)

(jed mildon from new zealand-i think i poached raine turnbulls flash?)

(corey bohan)

(goodbye dirt pipe...until next time)

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