Thursday, May 6, 2010

more film and videos

(brett lives in yarrayonga on some property-lives for goodtimes and TRAILS-decent first jump ha!)

(if you havent check the latest issue. do so! miles away article is DECENT- )

Sam + Caleb. from MP BMX SCENE on Vimeo.

(caleb is 12???????? illman has steeze)

above/below: i love old cameras, and this canon ae-1 is my newest addition to my growing collection. the roll below was to see if the camera worked. you cant always trust ebay. in addition, this model has the traditional needle light meter, which i havent used since high school, so it was good to test out my own ability-KODAK GOLD-ISO200.

(first shot-looking out the window, up past our "normal" backyard)


(all these little snap shots are from the redfest festival)

(sanger store baby)

(tattoo by brad hampstead-email me if your interested)

(test shot-light meter was reading well underexposed)

(thai noodle cart-pad thai chicken-off the hook kid)

(birthday coffee/lunch for em bones)

(f1.4 goodness)

(birthday girl)

(green zebra-my fav coffee house)

(randomly walked past this xa coup-lesson 101-always carry your camera with you)


two sneaky shots from sunday session-350d.


  1. I know who owns that car... I coach his daughter at swimming.

  2. bullshit? hahah thats awesome! tell him i wanna shoot it!!!