Monday, May 3, 2010


first up, a huge congratulations to SANCTION BMX for the prem of the animal "cuts" dvd. decent turnout! epic flick!

SKAVENGER-beanies and bball shorts limited to only SANCTION BM AND CLOTHING.



photo: using 350d + 50mm1.4 lens

(probably my favortie section-mike brennan can pedal a bike)

(whats that? colour photo? HOLY SPACEBALLS)


(the real deal-morgan sgro-my hero)

(not sure on the kids name, not sure his age. RAD SHIRT!)

i have already posted the digital photos from my easter weekend-if you missed that post, check the archives. here are the film shots from that weekend. ilford xp2 iso400-this was my first roll to be scanned by camerahouse-file sizes are from 400kb-700kb-i need a scanner asap.

i have touched on this topic before, but a few people have brought it up lately as to why i love film so much. and all i can say is the whole process is BOSS. from actually searching and buying an old/knew camera, to loading film. the noise of a "real" shutter, winding the next neg on, and the anticipation of waiting for your results is next to none. then the characteristics of film prints.....i guess you could go on and on and alot of people will hate on it or disagree, but hey, i love it. i get excited about it. i'm a hack but photography is apart of my life.


(falls creek-looking through the glass at the quest? cafe/restuarant)

(partner in crime)

(first stop of my day trip to the city-outre art gallery-BOSS)

(we were starving, we had just finished our mission through the coolest little camera store, nandos it is)

(alleyway off lil bourke st)

(alleyway off lil bourke)

(this is not what i had planned, but i walked past this old guy drinking his coffee and i "needed" to take the photo, whether it worked out or not)

(jacob as a "prop"-i missed a fantastic photo opp..)

(this was literally, point and shoot-i wish i had a better eye...)

(yes, i have a "thing" for flinders st station. its a work of genious)

(first shot taken with my new canon fd 200mmf4 lens)

(i have never used a telephoto lens before-so stoked!!!!!)

(200mm lens)

(albury train station is way over photographed, but that storm cloud had to be captured)

(i was to worried about trying to frame the image with the roof of the platform that i didnt realise the clock tower was un-even....200mm lens)

(200mm lens)

(200mm lens)

(i have taken this shot before using my  350d. and it was one of few landscape shots that i actually liked, so i went back to get it on film)

(200mm lens)

(some people go to the pub after work to talk shit, and hang out. tenna and myself drink coffee..)

(mathew spencer is a photographer)

(albury cinema-i was actually pretty stoked at how this came out. i knew i could expose for the bright highlights of the building, but i am still super surprised and super stoked. a future project.....)

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  1. That kids name is Lewy Couper, and my guess would be that he is 13.
    Your photography amazes me,