Thursday, April 29, 2010

chelsea wont jumps' last show

way over due, like all my photos. take my body and immune system for a week and see how you handle it!

our local bmx and clothing store, the sanction, are on the official flyer for the latest and greatest animal dvd, cuts. so stoked for the sanction guys on this

(sanction-6pm-this friday-be there-this is not just for bmx riders-sanction bmx and clothing will also be releasing the 2010 winter clothing range from ANIMAL and SKAVENGER-before making assumptions, please check it out)

(ISSUE 5 IS ONLINE NOW-local band W.G.O.O.S get contents page-best australian magazine by far-

Up There from Mekanism on Vimeo.

(amazing-EVERYONE NEEDS TO WATCH THIS-i had never thought about this before, definatley an eye opener)

the show picture below was about 2 weeks ago. for me, the omen was the cream of the cake. i hadnt seen them play since sodens many moons ago, and to my surprise craigos(ex in name and blood, ex seduction) is now fronting this thrash army. chelsea put on a very decent show for their last time on stage, but side projects are emerging.

salmonella came back to haunt me before this show and i missed seeing W.G.O.O.S and was not in the best mood to take photos. no strobe set up. all ambient, using my 50mmf1.4 on about iso800. i hate using anything over 400, but in this case i had too.

certain bills are like a mixed bag of natural confectionary lollies. people will either dig the tunes so much that they'll get up the front and march like toy soliders, or they'll chill up the back and enjoy from a distance. simple as that. no politics, no bullshit, if you like what you hear, your body will move, if it doesnt, it'll stand still...
(the third estate)

(struggling with converting to b&w properly...)

(chelsea wont jump)

(i thought this was pretty cool. chelsea's good friend played bass for one song)

(the omen-before the first song had started a fast paced circle pit had started. epic goodness of the best kind right there!)

(death audio crowd)


  1. Seriously man... These photos are fucking sick!
    I actually rather like the salty touch.
    I like the focused ones of particular members while out of focus for background members, defs a nice change in the usual band photos :)
    sick stuff man thanks heaps for coming!
    I owe you one xxx

  2. judd, way to kind. it was your last show in a band you loved. was a pleasure to capture that!

    and with the time i see, i'll explain!