Saturday, August 7, 2010


these are from the final roll of ILFORD XP2 400 film i had purchased.

below are some photos from the time i flew to sydney for an assistants job. GOOOOOOOOD TIMES.

(albury airport)

(sydney cbd-raining)

(paddies market. the time where i wish i had colour film..)

(paddies market again, and again wishing for colour)

(sydney cbd)

(photographer CRAIG NYE used to live above this vintage shop. had an awesome selection of film cameras pre1990. almost picked up a waist level finder practicia)
(hell on wheels bmx shop-newtown)

albury based jazz below...

(thai noodle cart-best)

(after a weekend of ripping up carpet and painting concrete-looks the goods now)
(simons pedal rat fink chopper)


(master tang members formed a cover band called CFM for fun and to earn some exrtra beer money. so good....)

(dice at paddies)
(dicks and cocks)
(simon, having a GREAT time)

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