Sunday, March 14, 2010


(tenna-nuff said)

let the shit talking begin

the above photo-i haven't shot photos of tenna in a very long time. i love shooting with this kid-so cruizey, but knows what he likes, and doesnt like! a check up for dishonour-more from this little shoot soon. check james wade in my links!

ebay is boss and i'm gradually getting all the little bits and pieces for my darkroom, EXCITED!

film: i have been hearing alot of late that 35mm film is becoming "fashion".....can't beleive this rubbish! my brain does not comprehend how something with so much meaning, can become "fashion" or "popular". i am a hack, i'll admit that, and i dont know a hell of alot about photography but for those out there who are following the trend of 35mm film, do it for the meaning, not for the fact that the most popular kids are doing it.PASSION BEFORE FASHION!

while on the topic of film, i found this amazing blog, via defgrip-

i can not stop talking about this site, and for anyone who loves technology and photography, you will love it!

blogs and websites ahoy! jessica from the small town of corowa-did one year of photography in the city-loves photography but needs to be motivated, check out her stuff and dont let that fire burn out! jacob-wow-his latest uploads knocked my socks off. b&w film work was amazing. a good mix of film, digital, and iphone. expect alot of amazing things to come from jacob this year..studying photography in wagga wagga, the kid has a strong mind, definatley knows what he likes and what he hates and stands by it. love him to death.

check the taylor brothers in my links....these 2 guys are well and truly on they're way. keep an eye on defgrip too... canberra music/promo shooter, he uses a canon 400d and the clarity in his work is stunning! CHECK THIS SHIT OUT!

(kelly belly-genuine errors' first show)

(steven-genuine error's first show)

(george-jamuary-shows how long i've waited to get this roll developed)

(dylan-nah, good timing christopher)



(t-roy-picked up a new rig from the sanger not that long ago-ACE)

(our pup-old girl actually-pretty sure i ran to the loo right after this)

(dethroned-i missed shooting genuine error and grabbed 2 shots of these guys on film-not the greatest by no means, but i really dig it.)

(walking back to the carpark after the show-metered in he shadows were i could easily see detail-not a bad result)

(film--shots such as these will NOT get lost in the blackhole of the world wide web)

(jye-he may well teach you're children)

(not mine-brenno taking the rains)

(sunday afternoons when all you wanna do is talk shit and relax-COFFEE time-brenno)

(i took this to test my metering tech-content)

(not mine-breno, you owe me film)

(i asked for a slice of lemon...)

(finally, my B&W film arrived-chose 400 as a good alrounder-its c41 processing so it can be processed and developed in a colour lab-the end result has a slight sepia tone on regular paper-anticipation is bloody high! after i finish these rolls, i will start to develop my own negatives, CAN NOT WAIT!)


  1. you inspire me to get into film!!!

    awesome shots. what camera do you use for your film shots?

  2. haha this is awesome!! glad i could help!!

    i use a canon ae-1 program-made in like 1984

    search ebay dude. i'm on it every night!!

    i shoot canon, if you do check these out canon ae1/ae1 program and the fbn. fbn is older but still sweet. ae's were like a really decent ameture rig way back when. i dont like the newer film cameras unless they are top of the range. everything manual, the way it should be! hope this is of some help!

  3. Yeah, surely was. I have a Canon 450D, but wanna start dabbling with film.

    Will suss it out.