Thursday, March 18, 2010


as promised, here are the rest of the photos i did with tenna.

i had a few ideas for a location, then it i thought kmart underground carpark might be decent.
2flashes fired through 2 shoot through umbrellas. not that stoked with my effort.

(mathew spencer)

check these sites: jacob raupach blog. awesome stuff craig nye, need i say more?
chryslers on the murry is an annual event. this year was by far the biggest and finally at a location that will allow it to grow even more!

the friday night before the show saw 2 maindrags in albury full of onlookers. was a hilarious 2hours and if anyone has seen the movie death proof, it was pretty much that...

check out my good pals blog for more photos-photo wise, he did a bloody decent job i think!

sime doesnt edit, straight from camera with maybe some cropping. i am all for that!! i hope i havent over done mine....

i used my sigma 10-20mm lens. i had the 50mm in the car. i wish i had of used it...

(maybe my favorite car on the day? wheels spoiled it)

(haha hillbilly, complete with confiderate flag on the roof)

(couldnt get a decent shot of the front, wait for my film shots)

(have a closer look at the roof...)

(the number plate rings true. running a 440 big block hemi)


(what has happened in the design of cars? from the 20's right up to the 70's-with a few exceptions- the design in cars was so far ahead of its time)

(not impressed with this angle)

(dodge dart-tough, small, fast)

(agreeing with simon on this one, the TOUGHEST looking car on the day by far-check simons blog for a photo of the manifold....)

my goodfriends play in a band called genuine error-they needed a promo shot for a our local paper for a small write up. very quick setup. not in the location i had planned. these were taken out the back of SANCTION BMX AND CLOTHING STORE. 2 flashes. one bare to camera left, tucked away under some stairs, one shot through a shoot through umbrella to camera right.

one thing i did make sure of is to portray each personality as a whole. and i think i accomplished this perfectly. i am over the straight and narrow look, or the "tough" guy look. i like to see each individual personality. i set my camera up on a tripod with a remote shutter.i asked the guys to just be themselves. the 80's chart toppers came out and i waited.....PERFECT, SNAP, CAPTURE, CHECK, SORTED!

not that stoked with these. sharpness.......dam it!

(border morning mail-page 38. a LITTLE photo aye jimmy)


  1. Love Love Love the 3rd photo of the green car with the clouds...Amazing....