Sunday, March 21, 2010


(if anyone is in the area, check this show out!)

 (no other words but BULLSHIT)



its been bloody ages since i shot a retro show. when the shows are out doors its a huge pain in the arse. so i'm not happy with these at all. the last few shots looking from the drummer into the crowd are not to bad i guess...
i also missed a prime photo of sam having his head split open..BLOOD AND PISS. absolute moron for not getting a snap!

(rhys, sound check for W.G.O.O.S)

(warming filter....)

(switched R/H front strobe off)

(next post, i'll crop the highlighted bass player)

(you can just make out the blood running down his nose)

(JOURNEYS-acoustic with harder more shows!)

(SLEEPWALKER-was pretty impressed with their set i must say)

(ambient lighting)

(ambient plus flash-warming filter)

(favorite of the set)

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