Wednesday, April 7, 2010



about time i had some spare time and motivation to scan my first roll of ilford xp2 film.


i really did not want to touch these up in photoshop, but due to the poor scans, i adjusted the levels in each photo. camera house offer to scan your roll for an extra 5bones.....5bones well spent?

the other thing you may notice is they aren't really TRUE B&W.  the c41 process black and white was developed so your general colour labs can process these bad boys. its basically disaturiated colour film. in real life, the prints are not this bad, so i'm pretty stoked with my purchase.

over the easter long weekend i ventured up to falls creek and to melbourne, both day trips, to  chill out and casually take some photos. they'll be up once i finished that roll of film, again, on ilford xp2iso400. more on that soon

(walking along the yarra i randomly spotted jack bleasdale soaking up the sun and taking photos for an assignment, he showed us a very cool graffed alley way, which is right behind another goodfriends appartment. small world syndrome. jack bleasdale photo)

please check out my friends blog i get so syked checking this blog. progression like no other.

PHOTOBOOK GOODNESS everyone should have this saved in their favorites.


32 out of a 36 roll. i think thats good odds!. however, they are NOT the greatest, i can admit that. one of many reasons why i LOVE film is that you have to learn the hardway. you have to take your time with composing, metering, and have everything you want with one press of the shutter. the anticipation of waiting to get your prints/negs back is unexplainable and once you go through each print and look back, you get so stoked on certain photos that you know you had to work for, or you thought would not turn out. film, THE BEEZ KNEEZ. but every medium has its purpose...

(the SHORT drive down the lickerish strip)

(friday morning-walking to the pub, how could you resist such a shot? i metered and focused. saw the truck and thought i'll let him pass out of frame, driver changed gears and  BOOM, snap. finally, i can actually say that i'm stoked on one of my photos-RARE)

(first band at soundwave we saw-THIS IS HELL-never really got into them, but their set was really decent. energy. impressed)

(learn the hardway-make sure you expose skin correctly...)

( right there)

(average shot, but the owner of the this cafe was an absolute gem. next time i'm down, i hope to get a quick shot of him)

(josh. really happy with how this came out, and i know he'll appreciate it)

(for anyone living in our area, this the alleyway between myer and dean st)

(i wanted to see how i could retain detail in both highlights and shadows in such a contrasty scene)


(barrandudah session for a dedicated skate-R.I.P-NEVER FORGOTTEN)

(this cuzzo is a skaters daily....STOKED)

(i pretty much work out in the country, i like it, besides the smell of death...driving home one afternoon, i had to get a snap. taken from my car)

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