Wednesday, March 3, 2010



this night seemed pretty un-organised band wise, but laid back and carefree at the same time which is my cuppa tea.

genuine error played a retro gig about an hour or so before playing here, so i give props to wattsy for belting the tracks twice in one evening.

no photos of sleepewalker, sorry. row taylor who has to much bloody talent shot they're set. he used his brand new alien bee flash, that thing is boss!

horsey extender kindly asked me to shoot they're set-thank you samual-all fun, opened with a elton john sample, singing about magpies swooping you. epic

last 3 bands were pretty much everyone swapping and changing instruments. i liked it.

down to business. this was my first show where i used 2 wireless flashes. i tip my hat to the guys & girls that have this on lock. i struggled big time. i was lazy and didnt move my flashes around so i found my "sweet spot" and went from there. whilst standing back from the crowd the 2 flashes gave a back rim and R/H side fill, i tried to capture the energy and atmosphere of the crowd in some of the shots.
i really need a lens hood for my 50mm.

enough jibba jabba. have a squiz


(my good friends play in a band called GENUINE ERROR)

(bucky.... i watched him through the viewfinder for most of the last song, then BAM. nathan pearce in all his glory)

(HORSEY EXTENDER.... is all about having fun, goofing off, singing about magpies pissing you off and generally what a band should be about-FUN)

(i worked with sam for a very long time and basically watched him go through his teenage years. pretty rewarding to see him shred vocals, even if he forgot some words haha)

(to hear one of you're close friends say "that is fucking rad" is pretty dam humbling)

(future band maybe? i hope so)

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