Monday, March 1, 2010



and so that was soundwave. bloody sun is a prick. i commited and only took my canon ae-1. excited to see the results!

these photos are about a month old now. this was the first time i had seen most of my friends in a month due salmonella.

photos are not my greatest and i advise not to edit when your sick and tired!.the first time i had used wireless flash-only one vivitar285 behind the drummer. front lighting was ambient.

most of the guys in this band i've known since high school. i have seen some play in other bands, and it's always a real pleasure to see your close friends thrash out some songs. exactly the same when you see your good buddies shredding in bmx magazines/videos.

hopefully you enjoy these.


( was so good seeing wattsy belt out vocals. you could tell he loved every second of it!)

(sneaky shot out the bathroon window)

( lover of backyard shows )

(does this even need a caption?)

(silverback traveled down from wollongong especially for it, i give them props for the dedication. unfortunatley, there was no room outside for a flash and the sun was setting fast)

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