Wednesday, February 24, 2010



these are just a few of my photos from my year12 photography class.

good memories, great guys. i actually miss the 2 years of photography, experimenting-ALL film. friends getting stoked at recess with your prints from a weekend of riding. THE BEST

i hope you enjoy these. they aren't much but i dig them alot.

i'll be fangin soundwave for the next few days, so this is a decent update untill i get back. taking my film camera to the event, excited!

(this kid doesnt ride anymore, mainly due to his stuffed knee. riding an s&m dirt bike. coloured after printing with yellow dye-my favorite shot)

(we took an adventure to shepp one saturday-brenno and i were to hung over to ride, but jonesy shredded-look below-some locals took us to their trails and we stumbled across this monster!)

(brenno-table with steeze-get a bike bro!)

(nic jones-for his age he was bullshit-he has to much natural talent- 3 with fox knee pads)

(boydy and leeroy-chillin between sessions-love the hoffman taj and dirty negatives)

(anyone know or remember blacken clothing?)

(another lost soldier- young tokes-table)

(one of my favortie shots of year12-crew)

( drebo hooked me this gig for a backyard ramp article in focalpoint-pressure is on and i break under pressure. drebo and bestie, brendan. 2*shoot through umbrellas..10-20mm lens)

(riding shots-50mm lens. 1 flash hiding behind the tree for rim, 1 flash to camera right-drebo steezin)

(master builder-ramp owner and all round nice fella, brendan. same flash set up as above)

(same as above-bit of flash burn but i dont mind it)

( an accident shot, my main flash didnt fire. and i would safely and personally say this is one of my favortie riding photos in general. the lightstand behind is shit, but everything else. i couldnt be happiuer with an ACCIDENT)

(drebo fangin a table-coop b, CHEERS MATE!)

(drebo-for any rider out there i'm sure you'll laugh at this "nah coops, she'll be right, just ONE more go")


  1. the dude that runs blacken is the best dude ever!!!! he had an interview on props recently, it was fucking awesome. best dude out. get on it!

  2. Those old photos show lots of average riders doing nothing special by today's standards, but what is harder to see in those photographs is the birth of a loyal, tight-knit scene that now supports a rider-owned store, contests that bring some of best top riders and a scene that gives encouragement and respect to younger and older riders alike.

    These are the things we were dreaming of when these photos were taken. I'm glad I was there, a part of it. I stoked to have met and made so many amazing friends. I'm happy Coops, Nath Wilkins and Matt Rousu were there to make sure the memories will never fade.


  3. i love you boyd. no one couldve said that better. i hope the older riders read that comment. thanks for being there!!!