Monday, February 15, 2010



it seems like yesterday that jamuary was on in wangtang, due to the fact that i havent done anything for a month after it!. congrats to dre, from the sanction, he put a hell of alot of energy and stress into putting on one of the biggest "jams" in the north east, for, well, forever. the head count at the end of the day was roughly around the 400-500mark, whish was amazing to say the least.

for some unknown retarded reason i didnt get one riding photo. i took photos of the bands, then just chilled, and walked around. the riding however, was pretty much bullshit good!

enough rambling. enjoy!

(SLEEPWALKER-first show)

(singer-left, asked sam-right-old singer-to help him out on a track. very rad)

(marnzie and josh-josh had just got back from an epic working adventure in perth)


(I AM ATLAS-only got a hand ull of "ok" shots)

(drebo-trying his darndest to syke the crowd)

(product toss-kids fight to the death these days)


(DETHRONED-these two shots i'm pretty stoked on-tones were just what i was after)

(circle pit thrashin-even though its completely out of focus, i still think it works really well, personal opinion..)

(THE ENDEAVOUR-this was they're second last show)

(was stoked when the sun came through the trees)

(after the endeavour finished, these guys quickly jumped up to cover a TRASH TALK track-ACE!

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