Saturday, December 5, 2009



the last of my bright photos-the show&shine

i drove up sunday morning, blooooody hot, although it was totally worth it. i kinda got there a bit late, but i managed to snap a few goodies before they started to bail. the football over was PACKED as well as other surrounding carparks and local streets.DIALED!

i stayed until about 6pm that afternoon. just cruizing the main street with my film camera in toe. i am picking up the print photos tomorrow so fingers crossed!


( ONE WILD MERCURY-the air brushing was ridiculous)

(complete with confederate flag roof liner)

( the WE ROCK caddy is always there and is just plain kickass)

(32 deuce)

(i'm a sucker for customlines/crown vics-stealthed it)

(60's race bred mustang-for some stupid reason this is the only photo i got..)

(that is a shotgun under the rear window, and the doors had "real" bullet holes in them...RADNESS)

(the outside was pure rat, but this fabricated floor pan and seats were dialed-the underneath was even better)

(one word-ACE-blurry and dang people in the photo-wattsy's pet hate)

( mean stance)

(the other regular caddy-if i print this, i will straighten the photo in the raw converter)

( i'm really stoked on this shot-inspired by european photographer/designer dirk behlau)

( this was perfection-not over done, not ratty, just perfect)

(and couldnt resist converting to B&W)

(the real CHRISTINE-2door-dope!)

(so smooth-so "modern" for its era-so rad)

(this 55 had a 557-tough)

(again, another car i should've got more photos of-they built this in 48hours...)

(willys gasser toy car-this one had no engine/drive train in it, but the kid had a flammed mercury which was so sweet)

(i couldnt believe it when i spotted this walking back to my car-completely alone in this paddock-this will always put a smile on my dial)


i have been meaning to get out and shoot off a couple of shots of the haybails in surrounding farms-these were taken on the way to my work. i had left it to late as they were starting to load the trucks, so the paddocks were kind of bare-taking these when i was still crook was an effort. something different and something that i havent really explored shooting.



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