Monday, December 14, 2009



i have been thinking about this idea for almost a year now. and it is now a reality-STOKED!!

i was an hour and half late, from trying to get my art piece finished-that bloody thing made me grow 10years from stress, but i'm glad i stuck to it-photos up mid week-i missed grace and juliet which was huge let down aswell-NEXT TIME!

when i showed i couldnt beleive how may people were flying about the place. you could barely move out the front, as simon had made 2 huge MDF "texter boards" so people could do their own thing-bloody hilarious!

a huge thanks to all the guys who enetered their work. i was actually very surprised with everyones pieces-WELL DONE!

a massive thanks to the sanction guys for letting me organise this, and for helping me out when i got stuck and bloody crook!

i cant wait to do more of these! let the north east explode!

photos below are just some happy snaps


(part of mark riddels crazy sculpture+kc irony)

(joel b-rare-but he is a very good kid)

(em and tybo)

(the myth, the row)

(dougy t-great to have him back for the holidays)

(dylan ainsworth)

(joel b and his steezin forrester)

(mark riddel-mid way through this awesome mural-phots up during the week of the final piece)

(limp bizkit-you know you want it)

below are 2 photos i got while out at lake hume for a bands promo shoot

(bethanga bridge-lake hume-canon 50mm-i took pretty much an identical shot with my canon ae-1. cant wait for the results)

(benji-test subject-assistant-chiller-2 shoot through umbrellas-fullpower)

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