Monday, November 30, 2009


I'M BACK!!!!

well its been for what seems like a month since my last post. i've been bed ridden for over a week due to getting bronchitus, and the week leading up to this was hectic!

nevertheless i'm back and with THE BRIGHT ROD RUN photos in full for a rant.the bright rod run runs over the first weekend of november annually, i have been the past 3 years and each year just gets better. for some people, bmx is everything, i respect that to the tenth degree. but for me, i like to "mix" things up. i love bicycle motocross, and have ridden for around 10yrs, i love phtography and have since yr11, music has always been there, and hotrods/muscle cars is my other passion. when you grow up with it, it just stays with you. the bright rod run for me, is like a kid going to the biggest candy store in town. i can not wipe the smile off! and i hope, through these photos to share RADNESS!

i have issues with culling photos. its something i'm slowly working on. but be warned, there is a bucketload of photos here!!!

these photos are from the saturday when i first showed up. i will post the saturday nights activities and sundays show and shine later on in the week as seperate posts!


(people need to do more late 30's roadsters. this thing was amazing, the stance it had was mean as shit)

(i am a sucker for xp-xw-xy's. you cant help it when you grew up with them)

(as the number plate states, this thing was stupidly tough, i give amazing props to the guy for evening considering trying to drive this around the streets)

(one of my favorite "hotrods" is the 32 coup-one of the few "keepers")

(sitting in the gutter, litterally, so bloody rad)

(traditional, slammed xt/xt wagon. crammed full of people.ace)

(not the biggest fan of models earlier than the xp, but this looked so good)

(not sure what this was running but it was hell mean, cops gave the old bloke a warning)

(the turnpike cruiser era. drive ins-massive in diners and roller girls.)

(dirty as cat shit. full of radness)

(willys coup-you either love them or hate them. this one was mean, fast and very well done)

(view of the blower)

(could not decide which was better. pink 57 cruizing down towards the clock tower)

(saw the number plate, ran down the st, snap)

(for xwattsyx)

(willys toy car.ace)

(matty d!)

(wattsy in deep conversation)

(bucky, round the bloody bend, syke!)

(blurry, but i still dont mind it. the money spent on this 57 was incredible)

(this turned out better than what i had imagined.for you ty!)

(again, the stance this has is so good. an instant classic)

(again, didnt know which to go for b&w or colour. stalking through the crowd to get this)

(the colour version gives a feel of film for some reason)

(one of a couple of my favorites-reminds you of what it really wouldve been like back in the 40's/50's)

(walking the streets with buck and a few friends, for some very strange reason the servo was completely dead, besides this sweet little rod. couldnt believe my eyes. went snap happy!)

(the better one i took i think. your opinion? the customline chillin in the back just adds to this)

(one of the reasons why i love the bright rod run is you can be walking the streets. old rods fangin everywhere, then parked, on a regular street is something like this. amazing)

(bags are for grocery's, but this looks far to good!)

(fairwell pink caddy, till next year)


  1. glad to see you back on your feet:)
    first one of the petrol station one is ace!
    back to the future any one?
    love dom

  2. Top photos buddy well done

  3. love the pic of my white xk.


  4. fuckin sweet pics! got any of the xp with zombie plates?

  5. thanks mate!that wasnt matte pink was it? i recall the zombie plates(fuckin sweet choice) but no photos...

    i'll be up there this year!