Sunday, September 26, 2010

lack of updates for good reasons

lack of updates. to make up for it. this is huge. bmx and music. go hand in hand...

below: house v's hurricane tour with confession. the push committee kindly asked me to shoot the show. pretty stoked on how these came out which is rare. shot using my niffty fifty(canon50mm f1.4 lens) and tried to mix it up alot with flash and ambient images. flash shots were at iso 800. ambient shots were at iso 3200.  flash either side of the stage.

the photo uploader for blogspot added the photos out of order...bit of a pain. enjoy!

check out then to  photos. the whole set and the whole tour are posted up there.

also added a whole heap of new links. well worth the browse!!

 (house v's huricance)

 (i am atlas)



 (heroes for hire)

 (mixing desk)


 (house v's hurricane)


below: red bull dirt pipe is old news. but the weekend was mind blowing. i only took a few digital shots(canon 350d), and hammered out 2 rolls of the terrible kodak 400cn using my canon ae-1p

(dean manson)

(late saturday afternoon)

(fairy certain this is bohan)

(our boy leeroy)

(backbone tyson)

(the reason why cory bohan is bad ass)

(jai toohey)

(james wade and ryan loyd. long ass drive)

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