Thursday, September 9, 2010

back to the old days and some minor flooding

(bus shelter through front windscreen)

first up. some links to some rad jazz.

over on partner in crime for sanction bmx, andre, has a bloody good interview about starting the shop, the industry they're in, life and the goodtimes. not just for bmx riders. i know alot of people WHO SHOULD read this.... an insight to one of the most motivated people i know.

if your into music check out he does alot of work with no heroes and shoots for blunt magazine. below is a video he put together of A.C.T. hoodlums, ....dead. if you like heavy music, and you dont like this, you are kidding yourself. CANBERRA KINGS.

check out for a very rad interview on tattooist, BUGSY. so good!!

(i have been shooting a little bit lately with a good mate of mine for a project he is working on. such a good

(i saw this couple walking down the st. instead of pointing a big black brick at them. i pre focused, sat the camera in my lap, and waited. stoked)

(bottom of my street)

(as cheesey it may look, we had a bloody good time out at lake hume on sunday. there were plenty of families about due to the heavy rain over the last few days making the lake reach almost 60%. summer will be amazing)

(the photos may be repetitive. my bad)

(had to do it. sorry sime)

(this is probably the best photo i have ever taken and ever will take)

(i was in hysterics whilst taking this, which explains the huge amount of blur)

(one of the best fella's i know)

(for drebo. by the time i'm 50, i'll have photographed every stem on the bmx market)

(a bloody good day was had, and plenty more to come)

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