Saturday, April 17, 2010


took a week but they are here

was a preeeeety decent show i show thought. a good friend of mine got my ugly ass in for free, added bonus.

i set up my flashes basically either side of the stage. left side was further to the back. SORRY TO THE GUYS THAT I STUNG IN THE EYE, ITS HURTS LIKE A BATARD I KNOW.

sleepwalker are getting alot of shows as of late, and the practice of all being on stage is definatley showing. they covered a life long tragedy song.

genuine error, even with broken ribs, wattsy did an amazing job. dre from the sanction was howling like a banshee. i spoke to a few people after the show, and they loved the vocals. props to you sonny jim. sadly it was jye's last show...all the best with future projects

break even. again with the sniffles, but had three times the energy as last time they played here. getting in the crowd was a highlight

i only shot one flash photo of break even, the rest are all ambient. bit average on a canon 350d haha. enjoy nevertheless!
Cooper Brownlee - Colony Edit from Colony BMX on Vimeo.

(brand new hot off the press....the boss)


(what are peoples thoughts on flash lights in photos? i'm 50/50)

(stupid lens flare, lens hood needed badly)

(genuine error - i quickly decided to stand well back and capture the whole group, way different to what i normally do)

(even though only his top half caught flash, i still dont mind it. iso noise is shocking though)

(mathew spencer)

(josh....from yack)

(andre regli)

(simon watts and kelly cuper)

(this was taken during forgivin rival's set)

(nathan pearce-one of my close buds)

(jye williams)

(dom likes the females)

(dominic cables)

(this sexy young fellow is doing great things for this region)

(simon watts......beard perfectionist)

(rhys newling)

(break even)

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  1. 1st sleepwalker and lens flare photos rule.

    otherwise, not a huge fan of flash on stage music stuff.

    Simon should sell the store, buy a boat and trawl for crab with a beard like that. ha.