Thursday, April 22, 2010



so that was easter-weeks ago

i was slack with organising anything for this long weekend. so i randomly went up to falls creek and to the city for random day trips. just taking my camera. these are my digital shots. film shots are to come soon.


(just past dederang. had to pull over. johnny j and cappa randomly drove past aswell...goodtimes)

(mt bogong look out at tawonga)

(heading up to falls creek, about 10mins out of mt beauty-awesomeness at its greatest)

(welcome to MORDOR-the bush fires destroyed most of the forrest nearing the top of falls. this photo does not do it justice)

(coffee van snow cat-YES)

(the bar that we chilled at all arvo)

(new quest appartment cafe. this is what we over looked)

(just past seymour heading to the city-2009 bushfires)

(hasselblad dealer catelog-freebie-YES)

(this reminded of new york. i needed to take the photo.)

(out of no where a decent group of riders fanged past. even though i barely ride anymore, this still got me syked)

(walking along the yarra, heaps of buskers. this old mate was not impressed when we walked off...)

(melbourne, or europe? again, i needed to take this photo)

(small world syndrome. we randomly bumped into jack bleasdale and he took us to this alley way opposite fed square. funny enough my good friend lives in the same appartment block)

(a girl was well into this piece when we arrived)

(in the hour period we were there, 2 wedding couples walked past to get photos...)

(chillin seagul. tame)

(on the sunday i needed to get out on my bike again, it had been way to long. salmonella.NOT RECOMMENDED)

(monday was my chill day. my record collection..)

(leica dealer catelog-freebi from this AWESOME little camera shop in lil bourke st-we also stopped in at mag nation. this place is heaven. get ahold of monster children. amazing art-design and photos. skate life style magazine)


  1. love these pics. you've made me excited to get home to melbourne now.

  2. You are the photo ninja!

  3. Leica catalogue? ;)

    oh, i'm selling one of my Leica's to get a Hasselblad XPan. Panorama-fuck-yeah!

  4. kelly. stoked that i could make you excited on your home? city!!!

    boydy. love you. september is on. or tell me when you can get 2 weeks off!

    craig. hahaha i thought you'd like that. its a pretty interesting read. pretty stock standard, but for me, who knows nothing, its a bloody gem!

    get fucked, an xpan!!!!!!! hahaha. amazing goodness right there. now lets cut to the chase, how much for the leica? haha

    thanks for the comments guys, coops