Friday, January 14, 2011


well the new year is upon us. for some it has been a fantastic 14 days...for others it has been tragic. my thoughts go out to the people who have lost loved ones in the QLD floods. possessions are replaceable, lives are not

first up, a massive shout to FUEL MAGAZINE and LOW TECH BLOG in America for linking my site. cant thank you guys enough

speaking of fuel magazine, issue number 6 is about to drop! and with the release comes the launch party, which will also launch the vultures book. can not wait for both! yours truly also gets a full feature article, Luke, you are a good man!!!

for bmx riders and anyone after a bloody good time, this event kicks off the year in a big way. jamuary is in its second year, and from the skate park upgrades late last year, it should be a wild day. cant give enough props to Andre regli in organising such an event....

X MAG is a free publication that i shoot a bunch of photos for and issue number 4 just dropped. this issue means alot to me and i assume to alot of other people as there are 3 tribute pages to 3 individuals who passed away late last year. i still find it hard to believe...also, THISLIFE.COM should be THSLFE.COM

the first hot rod event on the calender is the custom nationals in Phillip island. my good friend i were lucky enough to head down for four days of beach and customs!. it was also my first decent trip in my xp falcon delux.....the beast drove beautifully!

all prints taken on an iphone4. alot of people hate on phone cameras, and i too find it amusing that people dedicate blogs just to camera phone images. however, i love photography, and i try to take my cameras everywhere i go, sometimes though i seem to forget them.....iphone4 comes to the rescue!

more photos from custom nationals to come soon! theres alot to get through!

(taken a few weeks back..)

(pint, chips, view, boss)

(Xmas present from my lady!)

(cowes beach, breaky and the beach, boss)

(if anyone wants decent accommodation in Phillip island, check out the avenue apartments!)

(San remo fish and chips)

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