Sunday, January 23, 2011


don't forget the fuel launch party at rancho delux in collingwood!

speaking of fuel, Luke ray has produced an online magazine, of all the "scraps" that didn't make print. heaps of content, loads fast, brilliant photos, and its free. check it out!

hot rodders and anyone who digs dope clothing, my best friends run a bmx and clothing in albury/wodonga, called sanction bmx. check out their online store for a selection of lowbrow and blackmarket art clothing! 

keep your eyes peeled for the latest issue of focalpoint bmx that will drop very shortly. a little something something by yours truly, cheers coop.

                                                   UNDERCITY from Andrew Wonder on Vimeo.
(please take the time to watch this video, a crazy look into new york underground)

here's the start of my documentation of the kustom Nat's weekender.DAY1, anyone interested in cars, summer holidays and relaxing, should book this weekend in for next year.
thanks to fat tony at ride bmx, i have edited this series(day1) using a new post processing technique. please leave your honest opinion on how they look. I'm still 5050 on the whole look and feel of them.

(first fuel stop-bp, just outside of Seymour)

(the owners of the apartments we stayed were car enthusiasts. the wife's mg)

(cowes beach)

(randomly spotted this down the main street. used...)

(San remo turned into a 50's festival Friday evening)

(a photographer owned/drove this xm, anyone know who? talked to the guy, but never got his name)

(long way from home...)

(cleaning the catch of the day)

(its not everyday you see a torino)

(sufing lifestyle..)

(inside a Buick riviera)

(one amazing car, car of the weekend?)

(xp coup-running a 250 with straight gas, owner was a champ)

(another car that stood out. 57 Chev-nomad?- pick up, with what looks to be a mainline rear window and chrome trim)



  1. i'm so annoyed i had to miss this year's event. always a great weekend down at the island. love your documentation of day 1. look forward to seeing more. (regarding the post processing, they look good. but i'm a sucker for that "film look". some are maybe too "blue" and might need to be toned down a little though?) keep shooting!

  2. What a great weekend it was, mine was the wild violet XA GS in the background of one of your shots. My daughters had a great time cruising around in the little red and white 28 race pram I made for them

  3. Edward-nothing really beats wild violet in the xa series!! The best!! Haha that's awesome, I o ly snapped one photo of those hotrod prams, a must have for any hotrod parent!

    Tony- thanks heaps for the feedback. Greatly appreciate it. I have been asking slot of people about the processing and everyone seems to be saying almost the same things, which is good. Let's see how I go with the next batch! Thanks for the kind words aswell!! This was my first Kustom nats and it definitely won't be the last!!

  4. thanks buddy! i just finished day 2 last night, and i think this time it will be ALOT more consistent. cut out alot of the blue tones aswell.

  5. Nice shots. I followed Luke Ray's blog to here. hope you don't mind, I shared some shots on my blog.

  6. hey andrew. just checked your site, awesome! no problem at all,thanks for re posting and tagging my name. always a humbling feeling!

    is it your clothing company that did the split with fuel for some shirt designs?

    also, keep your eyes peeled on this blog for something NEW!!