Tuesday, October 19, 2010

dishonour wed ad

the photos below are from the weekend just gone. tenna and myself had 2 days to shoot some photos for a web ad to launch DISHONOURS knew t-shirt and new era cap. both look really nice, and the caps are cream!

some of these were used and some werent. the photos were basically covered in an afternoon, which isnt bad effort considering we had work commitments and the mother nature to contend with. i tip my hat to mathew(the rider). his motivation made this project a piece of piss. and to james wade for asking me to cover the camera side of things and for also putting my photo on a shirt! THANKS DUDE.

photos were shot using my 50mm 1.4 and my new 135mm f2 L series. the client was after wide open aperture shots and slightly desaturated.

(this is the one photo where i couldnt show the rider the replay on my camera. i was extremely pissed off. this photo does not do the "trick" justice at all. mathew threaded the needle and hopped over the rail to the footpath below. in my eyes the most boss stunt to happen in our town. good work son)

(cropped version)

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