Tuesday, August 24, 2010

2 weeks of goodtimes

first up: issue seven of NOHEROES has dropped. i have shot alot for this issue and am stoked on the results. cant thank a few certain people enough. maybe to much black and white though? naaahhhhhhh

massive shai hulid interview. parkway drive. confession. reality. HARDCORE 2010. fugazi and a whole bunch of new music. please check this out. i dont think anything like this is out there in australia..

(craig nye photo)

some links of goodness

http://hasselrad.wordpress.com/ - craig nye has been one busy solider of late and has also re joined the digital world with a purchase of a canon 5dmk2. however. he has mixed things up a fraction, cause he can, and bought 28-50-90mm leica elmarit lenses....check the results

http://dougphotograph.blogspot.com/ - i've said it before and for good reason, doug taylor is one of my favorite photographers. his latest post are all film based. both medium format on tri-x and 35mm on porta 400nc. check itout for yourself and enjoy

this is poached from http://tokyocamerastyle.com/page/2 - personally i check this site everyday.

Detail of Michio Yamauchi’s Nikon FM3a. This is a camera that was introduced in 2001.

There are some people who spend a lot of time arguing the finer technical points of the latest and greatest lenses and digital camera bodies with strangers on internet forums. It is important to keep in mind that the only camera or lens these people believe is worth shooting is the one that is rumored to be released next year.

Mr. Yamuchi shoots black and white film with manual focus Nikons and wears the leather covering down through to the chassis of his camera. Photographically the 35mm f2.8 you see here is as basic as dirt on a farm
Some people use $10,000 worth of camera and lenses and computers to shoot HDR snaps of an old barn which they toss on Flickr. (shrunk to 500 pixels across, of course).
Mr. Yamauchi has published 10 books worth of his street photography and consistently exhibits his own prints in solo exhibitions in Tokyo.
Mr. Yamauchi is a photographer.

good friend of mine, morgan, is an apprentice hotrod builder and this is his teenage project. he organised a casual meet with some other truckers from around our area and i tagged along for something different and shoot photos of course. i have never been into mini trucks. but i do appreciate the work and quality of craftsmanship that goes into them.

(front guards molded into the rear tray)

below are scraps from a "shoot" i did with morgs after the meet. i wished for darker skies

(flash burn on the guards is a big NO NO)

local metal night on thursdays at omailles-more of this show next post plus some hardcore 2010 stuff! stay tuned

(oddies creek-for fans of opeth)

(saints and sailors)

another close friend of mine is restoring a 62 lincoln conti. after many years this was the first real start to the project getting started-driving to the engine re-builder. i'll be shooting this project over the months and years ahead. documenting every major step along the way. thats what a cameras for right?


(i have said this before too. what ever happened to thought out car designs?)

(this reminds me of the movie BULLET. its far from being anything like it, but i dig it)

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